Medical Expert gets into crypto with North Crypto Team


The client is an American health expert who specializes in diagnosing dietary supplements and herbs to prevent human illness and other physical impediments. Following the needs of the patient.

After venturing into crypto trading as a means of additional income the client suffered a loss of over 50 ETH



Although the clients’ job isn’t as time-consuming as other medical practitioners, the job does take its toll and the client was unable to fully understand the inner workings of the crypto market. His lack of the necessary technical knowledge and analysis of the market has resulted in several losses.



The client’s goal was to get an additional source of income in other to maintain the current lifestyle even after retirement. We aimed to find an effective way to help him gain the knowledge required to trade and to generate some profit while doing this.



Since the client was relatively new to crypto trading with very little knowledge about trading. Inquiries made online were able to point some information out but the necessary technical knowledge needed to go to Crypto trading was not provided.

The client was initially able to increase his portfolio but this increase was short-lived and quite minimal when compared to the losses that were incurred later.

He reached out to us via email after coming across some of the recent success stories we’ve had and reached out to us for some help.

We gradually introduced him to the trading market and helped him with gaining the required knowledge to trade successfully.

The client was able to achieve a more consistent increase working with our team.



 The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 100 trades
  • $204,361 in revenue
  • 85% return on ad spend

American Investor Banked on Us and NEVER LOOKED BACK

About the Client

The client is an American investor who has traded crypto for over four months and has lost a little over 200 ETH.

The Problem

Due to his lack of the proper Technical Analysis and lack of proper knowledge of the market, He has sunken into a constant run of losses.

The Goal

After not continuing with our services due to impatience, the client decided to come back for a complete training so, we can help him generate more profits.

The Solution

This was not the first time we worked with this client. We had previously helped them achieve an 80% ROI. And then he discontinued the use of our services.


 As a result, there was a huge hit on his ROI, he kept losing trades massively and burnt out his trade account balance and even more funds.

 But then they read one of our recent success stories in an email and decided to give us a second try.

 The timing was perfect. He had learned from his mistakes and matured as a trader.


After just 3 weeks here are the client’s results:

  • 54 total trades
  • $96,000. in total revenue
  • 89% ROI

 In the two months since he last worked with us, we had been involved in 150+ successful traders. We also had a better understanding of the client’s needs after working with them previously.

 Because of these improvements, the client achieved even better results than before with none of the negative consequences.

New Income Stream Secured for Graphics Designer

 About the Client

L.B. is a graphic designer. He mainly focused on logos but also offer designs for business cards, ads, flyers, and websites. And he wanted to be part of the crypto market also to build another income stream.

The Problem

He was only following guides from different YouTubers. Not only did that confuse him it also clouded his ability to comprehend the dynamics of the market.

Their Goal

The client was looking for a way to learn the crypto market and understand the volatility as well, that would allow him to build their brand, grow their leads, and generate new revenue from trading.

The Solution

It’s not uncommon for people to get confused from the complicated videos on youtube and, their uncertainty and back and forth predictions could throw a newbie off balance.

Our team studied his shortcomings and made everything as easy as possible Despite all the issues, we were able to provide him with the help he needed and give him the required tools.



At the end of the first month, we were able to achieve a reasonable amount. 

Here are the final results:

  • Total Revenue: USD226,407
  • Total Leads: 70+

We’re so happy we were able to help L.B. continue to run trades and also continue making profits for him.

If you’re experiencing similar problems, or you’d simply like help with trading and earning, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is standing by and ready to develop a plan to help you reach your goals.