Best Bitcoin Trading Signals 2021


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If you’re interested in actively trading Bitcoin but don’t possess enough knowledge to outperform the market on a consistent basis – signals are well worth considering.

Put simply, Bitcoin signals are trading suggestions that tell you what orders to place with your broker. For example, a signal might tell you to buy Bitcoin when it hits a price of $52,500 and to cash out when it breaches $56,000.

In this guide, we explain how our Bitcoin trading signals allow you to profit from the cryptocurrency markets without needing to do any research or technical analysis of your own.

What are Bitcoin trading signals?

Bitcoin trading signals will inform you when a profitable market trend has been identified. That is to say, your chosen signal provider will research the Bitcoin markets and send you a trading suggestion when it believes an opportunity has been established.

For example, you might receive a signal because the provider is confident that Bitcoin is overvalued based on current prices. The provider will reach this decision by performing its own in-depth technical analysis and research.

To clear the mist, below you will see an example of what a Bitcoin trading signal looks like:

  • Bitcoin Pair: BTC/USD
  • Position: Buy Order
  • Limit Price: $45,000
  • Take-Profit: $49,000
  • Stop-Loss: $42,000

The example above shows us that the signal provider is suggesting that you should place a buy order on BTC/USD. This highlights that the Bitcoin trading signal supplier thinks the price of BTC/USD will rise. The above Bitcoin trading signal also tells us what limit, take-profit, and stop-loss order we should place.

Then, it’s just a case of heading over to your online broker and placing the orders that have been suggested via the Bitcoin trading signal.

What are the benefits of quality Bitcoin trading signals?

By signing up for a quality Bitcoin trading signals service, there are many benefits that this can offer for your long-term investment goals.

This includes the following:

Expert Analysts

Here at– we have a team of highly experienced traders and analysts that work in-house. Our team is primarily tasked with performing compressive technical analysis around the clock – focusing exclusively on the cryptocurrency markets.

Our traders do this by deploying advanced research strategies via technical indicators and other chart analysis tools. As such, by signing up for our quality Bitcoin trading signals, our analysts will research the markets on your behalf – so you don’t have to.

Great for inexperienced traders

Perhaps an even bigger benefit of using our Bitcoin trading signals is that our service is ideal for inexperienced traders. Crucially, in order to make consistent gains in the Bitcoin trading scene (or any investment sector for that manner), you need to have a solid understanding of technical analysis and chart reading.

This can take many years to master, which is why most newbie traders simply quit. But, by signing up to, you can actively trade Bitcoin without needing to have any knowledge of technical analysis at all. On the contrary, this role is reserved for our team of in-house traders.

Have clear entry and exit goals

When you receive Bitcoin trading signals via the Telegram channel, you will always be provided with an entry and exit target. Although we cover this in more detail in the sections below, this means that we tell you what entry price to execute at your chosen broker. This ensures that you are not left to guess when to enter the market.

Additionally,  we also provide a take-profit and stop-loss order price. This ensures that your trade is closed automatically when a price target is hit or the position goes against us by a certain amount. Ultimately, once you have placed the entry and exit orders that we have suggested, there is nothing else for you to do on that particular trade

Trade within your budget
When you receive a Bitcoin trading signal from us – you can decide how much you wish to stake. In most cases, we suggest risking no more than 1% of your trading capital. For example, if you have an account balance of $500 – you might decide to allocate $5 on our signal.

Similarly, if your account balance was $10,000 – the suggested trade size would stand at $100. It goes without saying that your account balance will rise and fall throughout the month. As such, the monetary value of your trade – based on the 1% rule, will vary. This ensures that you grow your trading capital in a risk-averse and organic manner.

How do our Bitcoin trading signals work?

It is important to note that all of our Bitcoin trading signals come with a minimum number of data points. To ensure you have a firm grasp of how our crypto signals work – we elaborate on these data points in more detail below

Bitcoin pair

Bitcoin can be traded against dozens of other assets. In a similar nature to Forex/Crypto, each market is identified by a ‘pair’. For example, if you were to trade Bitcoin against the US dollar – this would be represented as BTC/USD. If, for example, you traded Bitcoin against Ethereum, the pair in question is ETH/BTC.

Our team of in-house traders focuses on crypto-to-fiat pairs as well as crypto-cross pairs. The former typically focuses on BTC/USD as this pair possesses the most liquidity and trading activity. The latter might see our traders research price against, between Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Stellar, and other popular digital assets.

Either way, the first data point contained within our Bitcoin trading signals, is the pair you need to trade. As a side note, it’s best to sign up with an online broker that offers a wide variety of markets to ensure that you always have the means to act on our Bitcoin trading signals. A good example in this respect is eToro – which offers dozens of cryptocurrency markets.

Buy or sell position

t goes without saying that our team of analysts will look to profit from both rising and falling markets. For example, if we think that Bitcoin is undervalued against the British pound, we will tell you to place a ‘buy’ order at your chosen broker. This simply means that we think the Bitcoin pair will increase in value.

If, however, we thought that Bitcoin was overvalued against the British pound, we would suggest a ‘sell’ order. This means that we are looking to profit from the pair going down in value. Ultimately, by telling you whether to go long or short on the identified Bitcoin pair – you don’t need to make a market judgment yourself.

Limit price

If you’re a complete newbie in the world of online trading – as limit order tells your chosen broker what price you would like the enter the market. For example, you might be looking to place a buy order on BTC/USD at $50,000.

Irrespective of what price the pair is currently trading at, your limit order will only be executed by the broker when $50,000 is matched by the markets.

The alternative to a limit order is a market order. This will enable you to enter the market instantly at the next available price. We rarely opt for market orders as they do not allow you to specify our desired entry price. As such, all you need to do is select a limit order when placing the trade at your chosen broker and enter the entry price that our Bitcoin signal suggests.

Take-profit price

As we mentioned earlier, we always have a clear set of goals when we send out a new Bitcoin trading signal. In many cases, we might look to make a profit of 8% based on a stake of 1%. In other words, our risk/reward ratio in this instance is 1:8 – meaning that for every $1, we aim to make gains of $8.

Either way, our Bitcoin trading signals always come with the suggested take-profit order price. You simply need to enter this price when setting up the order at your chosen broker.

Stop-loss price

On top of setting up a take-profit order, you are also suggested to deploy a stop-loss order. This ensures that your potential losses on the trade are capped. Usually, our suggested stop-loss price amounts to a maximum loss of 1%.

Crucially, although we have a long-standing track record of generating consistent gains – losses are part and parcel of trading. As such, we never send out a Bitcoin trading signal without a sensible and well-researched stop-loss price.

Bitcoin signals Telegram group?

In previous years, Bitcoin trading signals were distributed via email. However, this is a slow and cumbersome way to forward on trading signals. Instead, we at opt for Telegram. In doing so, we can send out Bitcoin trading signals to our group in real-time.

That is to say, as soon as the signal is posted, your phone will receive an instant notification. Then, you simply need to click on the notification and you will be presented with the signal. In many cases, we also include a chart or graph that explains the research behind the signal that we have posted. This allows you to understand the thought process undertaken by our team of in-house analysts.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Bitcoin trading signals allow you to access the lucrative cryptocurrency markets without needing to do any research and technical analysis. Instead, the only task you are required to complete is to place the orders that our signals suggest.

If you’re ready to start receiving quality Bitcoin trading signals right now – choose a plan that meets your needs.

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