Frustrated Trader’s Belief in Crypto Market Restored


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The client is an individual who is a trader looking to navigate and make profits from the crypto.

Before working with our signals, the client couldn’t make profits from trades.

Because of the volatile nature of the crypto market, it was quite complicated for him to navigate without proper guidance leading to a complete loss of funds.


 The Problem

The major problem the client faced; was the inability to maintain winning trading results. Usually, the main goal of trading is to make good profits and increase his portfolio balance but, the reverse was the case.


The Challenge

More so, To effectively reach his potential goals, he needed to be guided through the market with good signals and technical analysis to conquer the market.


The Solution

As our analysis of his portfolio evolved, our focus eventually led us to find the ideal strategies enabling us to target consistent trade signals and tips.

We successfully found the best strategy that will guarantee 83% profits consistently.


Our Process

To start providing our services to the client, we needed to ensure they had a properly funded trading account and is willing to follow instructions and tips diligently.

Then he was added to our Telegram Channel and also assigned to a personal trading coach.

As soon as the necessary steps were completed, we jumped right into the trading phase and started making gains.

Final Results

  1.   Industry: Cryptocurrency
  2.   Country: United States
  3.   Language: English
  4.   Initial Investment: USD 195,500.00
  5.   Trading Duration: 20 days

6.1. Total Trades Executed: 320

6.2. Win % with our services: 86%

6.3. Initial Win %: 15%

6.4. Total Wins With Our Services: 275

6.5. Total Losses With Our Services: 42

6.6. Total Wins Without Our Services: 11

6.7. Total Losses Without Our Services: 64


Through our experience and trading expertise, we gave the client the much-needed boost, repositioning him for greater growth. After multiple testing and trying out different ad strategies, we successfully made more profits for the client while aligning our efforts across all deliverables to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

The North Crypto team will love to help you generate more profitable results; tell us about your budget and let’s get started today.

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