How Crypto Saved Me From Financial Regrets


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I have always been shrewd when it comes to making financial decisions, I like to weigh my options critically before making any decisions. Yes, some would say I am an adverse investor because of this but I believe otherwise. Critically analyzing my options is what pushed me to make the best financial decision of my life in a time of crisis. I was a silent partner to a friend’s business for a few years.

Initially, it was all running smoothly, he was fulfilling his part of the deal we had laid out, and the business was growing. While I was still working this seemed like a safe investment for me, as it was a partnership with someone I trusted. This investment was also a great additional source of income for my family and me while it lasted.

Everything came crashing though, my partner had taken some loan to keep the business afloat. Although I wasn’t aware of this loan the burden of settling it also fell on me, what was supposed to be a beneficial investment to help me save up for my retirement had someone turned into a financial nightmare.

We eventually had to sell the business to settle the accumulated debt and my partner and I had a little bit of money left which we ended up splitting, and this lead me back to fully relying on my job to take care of my family. However, this didn’t last long as the following year I was introduced to cryptocurrency.

I had no real knowledge about how the whole thing operated and everything online seemed to only scratch the surface. Being someone who likes to know my options before jumping in and after suffering such a financial burn from someone I trusted it was really hard for me to just go in blind. After making further research and gaining the necessary knowledge on how crypto worked I went ahead to acquire a little amount of bitcoin. I left it in my wallet for about two years and my initial investment and grown drastically.

This was the point I decided to go all-in with cryptocurrency. I was introduced to North Crypto Team and their pro tips, signals, and guidance went a long way in helping me build my portfolio some more. The North Crypto Team has taught me the best time to enter the market and also what altcoins are a good investment and when to sell off. My life has changed for the better, I have been able to save up enough for a successful retirement, and I no longer depend on my job as my only source of income. The guidance of the North Crypto Team has helped me successfully turn a bad financial situation into a favorable outcome.

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