No Pension. No Savings. No Future. No Wonder We’re Betting The House On Crypto

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Let’s go back to 2004, when I invested my $5,000 life savings into Apple, a company I truly believed in. It was my first stock purchase and the first grown-up thing I did for my future immediately after graduating college.

Unfortunately, life quickly became expensive. Within three years of my initial purchase, I was forced to sell all of my Apple shares because bills, housing, and beginning a new life in NYC on a $29,000 salary didn’t come cheap.

Cold sweats.
I’ve been waking up to them for almost 15 years now, near-panic attacks about the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. That $5,000 investment from 2004 would be about $1.8m sitting in my account today. Instead, I’m about to turn 40, my partner and I are still renters, and both she and I are paying off loans. Compared with most of my peers, we’re somehow among the lucky ones.

The point of this editorial isn’t to mope about my lost gains. It’s about our collective hopelessness. The dollar is becoming worthless and the class struggle is intensifying. The typical home buyer is near twice as old now as they were in 1981. When adjusted for inflation, our parents would have paid 1/10th of what we would now to buy a home. Rental prices are rising at four times the speed of inflation. The cost of a higher education required for most high-paying jobs is 17 times that of what our parents paid. When we retire our social security checks will be a fraction of the minimum wage.

The snowball rolling down the mountain to flatten us continues to grow wider and faster. We need a way out. We need a way up. Many of you have lived through your very own version of my Apple nightmare, watching the waters of prosperity trickle through cupped hands. I never want to let that happen again. And unless we can get in early on the next Amazon, Tesla, or Google stock, it looks like we’ll never be able to afford our future.

This is why I ventured into cryptocurrency. If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m somewhat ignorant of the financial world. Sure I’ve got a 401k through work and assembled a tiny online portfolio of companies I believe in, but I don’t know how it all works. I just put money in and pray that it becomes more money in the future.

I’m almost as ignorant about crypto. My first jump into the cryptocurrency world came with bitcoin in early 2018, after my now technically wealthy friends had been going on about it for years. I decided to take the plunge by opening a Coinbase account and buying a fraction of one bitcoin when it cost about $11,000-12,000 a coin. I let it sit and, two years later, the price of a bitcoin hit $40,000. A year after that, $60,000.

I could feel it happening again…
Was this my shot at redemption? A chance to secure my bag? Even though I got in late to bitcoin, I was early enough to see my investment go up six times. It wasn’t the 3,600 times that Apple would have been, but it was a start. At that point I decided: I’m all in. Crypto will save us. I was introduced to North Crypto Team and their pro tips, signals, and guidance helped me grow my portfolio even continuously. My initial insecurity of losing and missing out on opportunities has since disappeared, the NCT has thought me when to enter the market and also what altcoins to buy and when to sell-off. 

Everything I have achieved in the crypto market and my finances consistently are all dependent on the guidance and help from North Crypto Team.

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