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Learn everything you need to know about interacting with the Decentralised Finance ecosystem from leading educators.

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Interactive learning

Video Lectures

Let our team teach you through engaging videos that explain everything in simple and easy to understand lectures.

Practical Workshops

Roll up your sleeves and explore as you work through step by step digital workshops to get real hands on experience with DeFi protocols.

Trivia Quizzes

Complete multiple choice quizzes to help you reinforce your knowledge to make sure you understand each section along the way.

Student Community

Access our student community where you can ask our DeFi coaches and other students questions.

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What will you learn?

  1. What is DeFi? – Understanding what Decentralised Finance is, the benefits behind how it can work for you, and its origins. Gain an understanding of blockchain technology and how to make your assets work.

  2. Getting started safely – How not to lose all your money and avoid silly mistakes. DeFi is not without risks but safe when you understand what you are doing.

  3. The tools you need – Wallets, bridges, exchanges, lending, minting, compounders, farms, mixers, analysis tools, and much more. Learn to use all the protocols you need to become a complete pro.

  4. Risk management – There is no customer service in DeFi. No 24/7 hotline. We show you the steps you need to take to stay secure and troubleshoot.

  5. Techniques – Making smart financial decisions, doing your homework, and knowing where to cross-reference your actions.

  6. Staying ahead – Don’t get lost in the ever-changing DeFi world. We create new material constantly.

What will you be doing?

Provide Liquidity

Earn fees using your crypto assets. Find the best return on your crypto holdings by engaging in decentralised token exchanges, something that wasn’t possible for the public until now.

Get Instant Loans

No paperwork, ID or bank managers to talk to. Maintain your crypto assets, earn interest on them while getting instant loans that can be put to work, making you passive income.

Use Decentralised Exchanges

DeFi exchanges are faster and simpler to use than their centralised counterparts. Take full advantage of DEX’s with our in-depth practical guides.

Navigate Across Networks

Operate across different blockchains to take advantage of the many different gains, yields and protocols on each chain using blockchain bridges.

Autocompound Profits

DeFi means you earn interest live! Understand how to navigate and efficiently use the many different types of DeFi auto-compounding services.

Leverage Analytics

Public open blockchains enable the next generation of data visualisation and search tools. Use the most popular and helpful analytics platforms available right now.

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