HOW TO 10X YOUR INVESTMENT WITH ONLY $1000 IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS... EVEN IF YOU'RE A TOTAL BEGINNER WITH NO EXPERIENCE IN INVESTING. (And create a 4-5 Figure Passive Income PER MONTH in your spare time... even if you currently have a full-time job.)

(And create a 4-5 Figure Passive Income PER MONTH in your spare time… even if you currently have a full-time job.)

Getting consistent income from investment is hard!

If you are currently a student studying In Tertiary Education (ie. Polytechnics, University and ITE) In Singapore you might want to listen up…


This message might be controversial and you might not agree with our beliefs and you are free to leave anytime if you find the message intimidating or offensive. #justsaying (before covid…)


There are lots of past and current students that learn from us about crypto, most of them are like you, young and courageous….


Early to mid 20s. With the eagerness in their heart to start earning money as fast as possible, as much as possible…


Travel to the place they always wanted to go…


Pursue the dream they always dreamed of….


Create the wealth they always fantasised about…


And I believe you want that too. You would want a better future for yourself, your family (and your partner). And you looked at your wallet…


SGD 10 left for the weekend, thinking of what the next part-time job will be to earn more money to buy new stuff…


and eat out with friends. You want to be independent with your income, be less reliant with your parents and earn your own money….

And even repay your parents for their upbring of you, the naughty kid. But your parents told you to focus on your studies, let them take care of the daily expenses….


And… Covid hit….


HARD [Suddenly no more socialising, no more eating out. And that sounds like a saving opportunity] On the other hand…. Your family is facing cash-tight problems due to bad economic status or even retrenchment. And as an adult of the family you feel guilty not being able to supplement some income back….


Thinking you should carry some of the family responsibility on your shoulders…

Help lessen the pressure a bit. At the same time looking through your own financial situation….


You don’t have much to help. Not because you don’t want to, rather, you don’t have the resources. The constant thought of helping your family is on 24/7. So you look for alternatives ways to increase income apart from having a part/full-time job.


You did some research on Stocks, REITS, Value Investing, Property, Gambling, Crypto, Side Hustling, TikTok Influencer, Instagram Influencer, Virtual Assistant, Digital Marketing and many more. All of them looks good; you’re tempted to start ALL of them (or maybe even started doing some). After much googling….


You stumbled upon Cryptocurrencies, your friends talks about bitcoin all day, you heard MANY news about it….

The NFT craze that started in Feb 2021,
Elon Musk buying DogeCoin,
Bitcoin hit an all time high of USD66,974 in Oct 2021,

And you start to think Crypto might be a good opportunity….

Trade and Earn, Create and Sell

You might be thinking of becoming the next Digital Art Creator and earn your first bucket of gold by selling NFTs,

Or following Elon Musk’s crypto portfolio so you can bullet-proof your investments….

Buying 1.00 BTC and become a HODLER….

Randomly buying ALT coins and hoping all of them can get you to the MOON!  

YES you CAN!

You can do all that but…

There is ONE Thing You Should Know Before Investing In Crypto...

There is RISK in it.

Crypto is extremely volatile, today is green the next day they can be red without you noticing. It is bread and butter (or kaya) seeing the charts going Up and Down.

Some say it’s a roller coaster ride,

some say it’s how the market works,

Some would say Crypto is a scam,

Some would say there is no difference between Casino and Crypto.

On and on, there are people sharing their views on crypto and that’s OKAY, nothing wrong.

For me and my clients we know that crypto carries RISK.

It’s a FACT.

So the question is: How can we reduce the risk greatly instead of speculation?

As a cryptological coach I keep reminding my students “Do Your Research”

I can’t emphasise enough about doing MORE THAN ENOUGH research before swiping your credit card, buying the coins.

Taking time and doing the research takes up 90% of the investment work, the left-over 10% is the mental readiness to invest in the coins.

Rather than blindly speculating the crypto market….

The safer approach to investing crypto is doing the calculated risk.

Read On:

If You Are Still Interested In Investing Crypto For The Long-Run….

Now you already know that the crypto market is extremely volatile.

When left unchecked, you fall into the commentary of “I should have sold it at $3.60, now it’s $1.37”

And when the market became hot again you complained “Should have bought it at $1.04, now it’s $5.40.”

I’ve been there before, most cryptological students, if not all have been through the rollercoaster phase of excitement and disparity.

But we soon realised that there is an absolute way to greatly reduce our emotional fears and still go through the volatility of the market….

We call it the….

Crypto-Value Investing.

We study the Fundamentals by eliminating 98% of any coin in the market.

Chart the graphs using Technical Analysis

Support each other within the community group.

Combining the fundamentals of value investing and methodology of technical analysis…

You will be able to find your ‘ideal’ 2% coin.  

And get decent returns.

I’ll be honest with you….

Some of our students are OVERWHELMED with the amount of information they need to absorb….

They complained about….

Why they earn so little with their part-time while they can invest FULL-TIME after getting overwhelmed with the circurrlium!

3900% ROI In 4 Months, Best Gain 11155% In 8 Months. -Nadia

Wait… Did you hear something?


“XRP is Dro……”

“Crypto is a SCA….”

“Tesla is accepting BTC! Oh wait it’s FAK….”

There are so many informations on Google

The noise out there telling you should invest in ABC, XYZ, 123 and follow the trend.

Elon Musk tweets baby doge coin and the price spiked.
Mike Tyson bought a Cool Cat NFT and made it his Profile Picture on twitter and everyone is buying Cool Cat

There are so many examples out there….

All these brought craze and hype.

And not to forget the power of social media and mainstream media channels.

They LOVE to make small news BIG.

Today say “A”, tomorrow say “R”, the market seems like a roti prata stall, flipping here and there, the next thing you know both sides go chao tao(burned).

But who should you listen to?


Fear and Greed is ALWAYS in the stock market.

Fear And Greed is ALWAYS with us.

Fear And Greed will definitely be present in the crypto space.

[even in traditional stock markets]

Do your homework,

Educate yourself,

Gather more than enough information and invest logically.

Walk the opposite.

Remember this Quote by Warrant Buffett:

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful”  

Know your Fundamentals well like A B C, X Y Z.

It’s that simple.


You might be wondering….

“How can I benefit from the mentorship program?”

Let me be very honest….

I have no clue how the program can benefit you.

I can give you BONUSES,



And I still have no clue how it can benefit you.

I don’t like helping students I don’t know so….

Here’s How I Can Help You

Book a call with us, and let us understand your situation,

After the 30 min qualification call.

You can choose to say ‘no’,  

You can choose to commit

Either ways works.

What I don’t want to hear is “Let me think about it”

As that to me means uncertain.

Make a decision and we move on.

I'm giving these amazing bonuses that will make this super exciting and just a no-brainer for you.

Bonus #1: 7 Digital Assets That Helps You Make A Difference In Your Cryptological Journey.

You will be getting 7 digital assets for you to immerse yourself in the world of crypto investing.

Here’s what you will get:

1.      Introduction Video of Bitcoin: Past, Present and Future (worth $30.00)

2.      Introduction Video to Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) (worth $30.00)

3.      Cryptological “Kickstart Your Crypto Journey Here” Ebook (worth $30.00)

4.      Early Access to Future Podcast and Interviews (worth $30.00)

5.      Fundamental and Technical Analysis PDF Guides (worth $70.00)

6.      3h Intervention Cryptological Blueprint (worth $500)

7.      Video Recording Playlist of Past Interviews With Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Experts. (worth $130.00)

A total of $820 worth of digital assets all YOURS for FREE.

With each digital asset you internalise you can gain 1% more knowledge than the average crypto specularo.

They are your textbook, your crypto bible.

Setting your path to financial success.

Bonus #2: 4x Quarterly 1 to 1 Accountability Check

Having someone to check on your portfolio, giving you 1-1 advice and coaching session is something that I would love to receive when I first started,

This bonus alone could save me MORE THAN $10,000

And so many graduates have shared with me this is a money-saving session!

I charge $2000 for each session to those who are not my students…

Saving you $8000 from this bonus alone

You get it for FREE…

Bonus #3: Cryptological TOP SECRET Picks.

NEVER RELEASED to the public eyes…

Exclusively for my Mentees to take reference on.

Bi-Monthly we will publish our top coin picks in the marketplace.

Many Cryptological students say it was PRICELESS…

But it’s all YOURS when you choose to commit NOW.

Bonus #4: 24/7 Exclusive Online Support Group

All of my committed students are doing very well…

And there is ONE reason that attributed to their success.

It is not me or Syahid…

It is the community, the Cryptological Support Group,


Being a investor is LONELY,


Especially when your friends and family do not support your decision to invest in crypto…

We are here to cheer each other up, HODL together and not FOMO for the next hype coin.

We can charge $5,000 annually for the support group….

But we choose not to…

LIFETIME VALUE When You Sign Up For The 1 Year Mentorship.

A Total Value Of $8820++

Recap: here’s what you are getting…

1 Year Mentorship Program

Recap: here’s what you are getting…

1 Year Mentorship

Total Investment: 11,000 GBP

Total Value: $15,000++

Still Thinking?

I have a question for you…

What Would it Be Worth For You to Start Seeing Returns In 3 Months’ Time or Sooner?

If Cryptological Investment MethodTM is able to generate an annual returns of more than $10,000 annually for the rest of your life, what action would you take?

Let’s be real… you probably don’t just want an extra $830 a month…

You want CHOICE…

You want FREEDOM…

You want the type of money that can change your life…and the life of your family.

Maybe that’s $5,000 a month to you. Or $10,000 a month or more.

So what if I said “Give me $5000 today and I’ll give you $500 this month. Then the next month I’ll teach you how to turn that $500 a month into $5,000 a month…$10,000 a month…or even $30,000 a month.”

Would you trade $5000 today for $60,000 a year? Or $120,000 a year? Or $360,000 a year?

I really hope so…

And that’s what we’re offering to you in the Cryptological Investment MethodTM.

We can’t guarantee your success. Only you can do that. But we can give you the exact steps to make this your future reality.

We can’t do the work for you. But if you do the work…it’ll work for you.

I Get This Question Every Time I Reveal the Price...

“Your Course Is Too Expensive, Got Discount?”

My answer is simple: “No.”

“I can’t afford your program now, I come when I ready can?”

My answer is simple: “Yes”

And it doesn’t matter if you get involved with our training or not. It doesn’t really matter.

Can I teach you something here?


But let me ask you…

How many times in life have you let “It’s too expensive I can’t afford it” stop you?

Stop you from pursuing your dreams? Stop you from living life?

Just Imagine...

Having time to travel like you’ve always wanted…

Finally, pick up an interest you’ve always wanted to do…

Master that sport…

Or get into the best physical shape of your life.

You will have the time and the money if you want to do crypto investing well.

I leave the final decision to you.

I look forward seeing you on the call.


Mimi & Syahid

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