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Investors always look for best investment opportunities, sometimes they need to take serious risk associated with a specific investment opportunity in order to have great returns. Imagine, what if we let you know an investment opportunity where investment and inherent risk both are low but returns are just awesome. Well, we refer to opening a managed Forex/Crypto Trading account. To give you a clear idea concerning how a managed Forex/Crypto account can work for you, we have listed some benefits of opening a managed Forex/Crypto Trading account below.

Manage Account

Open a Trading Account with us, make at least $500 deposit. Managed accounts yield 20% to 30% profits every month. We charge a small management fee based on high water mark rule.

Signal Services

You can subscribe to our trading signals at a very competitive cost of $50 a month. Our trading signals are based on price action trading strategies, governed by disciplined money management rules. Each signal is comprised of proper stop loss and take profit levels.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF)

An ETF works like this: The fund provider owns the underlying assets, designs a fund to track their performance and then sells shares in that fund to investors. Shareholders own a portion of an ETF, but they don’t own the underlying assets in the fund. Even so, investors in an ETF that tracks a stock index may get lump dividend payments, or reinvestments, for the stocks that make up the index.

Forex/Crypto Training

You can subscribe to our training service i get one on one training on how to trade. You can reach via our livechat to get detailed process.

How Does a Managed Forex Account Work?

A Complete Guide

Forex investors must understand the Forex/Crypto market before start working like a trader. Investors can participate in the Forex Market Accounts by just actively trading or for earning gains after making investments in the market. It could take lots of months and years to develop a practical profitable trading strategy for beginners and experienced Forex/Crypto investors.
Massive Traders is one of the best company that manages Forex/Crypto accounts which offers high monthly returns with minimum risk. The funds management company is fully authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom, and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) Its traders follow price action trading strategies that are widely regarded as Holy Grail of Forex/Crypto Trading.

    • Managed Forex/Crypto account is not good for authoritative and controlling investors as these kinds of people don’t allow anyone to fully manage their investments. Despite regular trading account, Forex managed Account provides us all trading facility and decisions where we can buy and sell currency pairs. Investors must keep in mind that trading fees of managed Forex/Crypto accounts is quite high as compared to regular Forex trading accounts. Moreover, these kinds of accounts mostly require a minimum deposits.
      Managed Forex Accounts are quite different from conventional bond and equity trading accounts due to their interface. Money managers will have an access of these accounts but traders should not worry as money manager’s only has access for trading purposes since, account will remain under trader’s control. The money manager can’t even withdraw money without the consent of investor. However, money managers must inform investors that they may lose money due to volatility in the Forex/Crypto market. Managed Forex/Crypto accounts Provider Company must provide a disclaimer before starting trading in the Forex/Crypto market.
      Investors must guide money managers about their favorite trading plans and strategies before start working with them. It is important as it will help them to save from making mistakes. However, investors must avoid giving full control to their money managers. Investors should only give trading control to money managers as it takes them out of the trading scenario. Therefore, then they can easily avoid psychological and emotional problems that may irritate them during gaining or losing during Forex/Crypto Trading. Investors must check your needs and managed Forex/Crypto account features and before opening a Forex/Crypto account. Managed Forex/Crypto Trading account provider companies make sure that they have sufficient training staff to guide the investors during their trading period.Managed Forex/Crypto account managers sometimes charge penalties for early funds withdrawal and have minimum time and deposit requirements.

Who Should Choose A Managed Forex Account?

Managed Forex Account is not a good choice for people having controlling or dictatorial personality. Since, these kinds of people want their full involvement while carrying out Forex/Crypto Trading through their trading accounts. However, managed Forex/Crypto account is most appropriate for investors who are risk takers and they have enough patience to allow other professionals to manage their investments through established trading methods or software. The Managed Forex Accounts provider company must screen you to determine your risk tolerance level before starting trading.

Considerations for a Managed Forex/Crypto Account

Managed Forex Accounts are best for the following people:

You are busy and can’t look up to market

Many people are very busy with their schedules and routine that they don’t have the time, experience, and disposition to trade in the Forex/Crypto accounts market. Since, family and career obligations can distract and divert their intention while paying full-time attention to Forex/Crypto Trading accounts. It is very appropriate for busy people accounts do not obligate you for anything that else it helps you to pursue other activities too.

Allowing others for trading and investing

If you are an experienced trader then you must know about sufferings of traders and investors. Moreover, experienced investors also know about the exhibition of volatility by currency pair. These kinds of investors also know about their limitations as Forex/Crypto accounts do not guarantee them profit every time. Finally, we can say that you must employ a trading professional if you are not comfortable with carrying out the Forex/Crypto Trading activities by yourself.

Don’t have enough psychological configuration of a trader

This type of account is best for the people who lack the psychological personality of a trader. For instance, Forex trading is not a place for a person who fails to admit his/her mistakes even if he does mistakes. This quality is important as volatile situations can clearly wipe out investment in matter of minutes. Investors must keep in mind that trading could lead to mentally, physically, and financially toll. The best way to overcome this is to hire yourself an account manager rather than trading your own-self.

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Non-considerations for a Managed Forex/Crypto Account

Managed Forex/Crypto accounts are not fit for you if…

You want complete control over your trading account

Experienced Forex/Crypto traders always want to stay in complete control of their trading account plus for the allocation of your assets. Therefore, managed Forex/Crypto account is not suitable for them as it does not allow much control and allocations.

You are lacking capital

The minimum deposits required for normal managed Forex/Crypto account usually starts at $2,000 and sole managed Forex/Crypto accounts start with a deposit of $10,000. This could discourage maximum traders from opting for a managed account.

If investors don’t like to be aligned for the process of a Forex/Crypto account

Some of the people don’t want to go through the process of a managed Forex/Crypto account because it requires some research and considerably more paperwork for the trading account. It also involves the signing of a Limited Power Of Attorney agreement (LPOA) this is a legal document and shows you what and how to authorize your trading account under your account manager on your behalf. Always remember that there is a chance for every investor to lose money or gain money while trading with a managed Forex/Crypto account. However, it also depends on the money manager, risking levels, market activities, and all other possible conditions that could be seen and ensure that they have a good reputation with the trading account.

Basic features of a Managed Forex/Crypto Account

High quality managed Forex/Crypto companies always offer overall consistent profitability to its prestigious customers. Moreover, it’s maximum drawdown level indicate maximum loss of capital experienced in the trading account concerned from its peak over the history.

Maximum draw-down formula of a Forex/Crypto account

The maximum drawdown formula of a Forex/Crypto account is as under:
(Equity high net value – Equity low net value) / Equity high net value
Let’s take an example of a maximum drawdown, you start your trading account with $15000, which then increased up to $25000, and then decreased to $8000, then increased up to $30000, and then decreased to $6,000, and then again increased up to $35000.
In this case, the equity high net value will be $35000, while the equity low net value would be $6,000. This would give you a maximum drawdown of:
($35000 – $6,000) / $35000 = 82%
Therefore this level of maximum drawdown is considered very high as it shows a very risky investment. This also shows a Great swing in the trading account of the investor. The maximum lower drawdown value is calculated to know the minimum risk that can be taken while trading with the managed Forex/Crypto account. Investor analyses and check the complete track record of managed Forex/Crypto accounts services provider companies as it helps them to select most appropriate for trading.
Investor must select managed Forex/Crypto account services Provider Company for at least three to five years for an account under the management of an account manager. This is important as it will help him/her to know the maximum drawdown of a managed account.

What are some advantages to using a managed account instead of self-directed Forex/Crypto Trading?

We are professional traders with years of experience, thousands of trades and billions of dollars in volume under our belts. While self directing trading can be successful, our clients rely on us to trade on their behalf, and we take on the responsibility of putting in up to 20 hours a day along with all stresses and skills involved to make their accounts as profitable as possible.

Main features of a Managed Forex/Crypto Account

What kind of return on investment (ROI) you are considering on your money?

Investors can use following types of accounts while indulging in the business of the Forex/Crypto Trading

    • Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM)
    • Lot Allocation Management Module (LAMM)
    • Multi-account Management Module (MAMM)

Investor must analyze the broker before starting trading with it. Investor must also verify experience and qualifications of account managers provided by Forex/Crypto brokers. Investor must also get an overview of the account management agreement and how it can affect the future trading life of the investors. In addition investor must also check the account management agreement; pass account statements, and manager’s prospectus showing acceptable performance for their managed account. Moreover, it is also very important to get a good sense of profit-sharing ratio, risk levels, minimum deposits, and drawdown policies of various managed Forex/Crypto accounts offered by the company. A prospectus has to include detailed background and contact information of the manager who will manage the managed Forex/Crypto account.


Forex trading has a great potential to bring your profits and make you rich in comparatively less time. However, due to its volatile nature, inexperienced trades may struggle a lot before they actually start making money. It now depends on your preference whether you wish to start making money right away or you can wait until you become experienced. We suggest opening a managed Forex/Crypto Trading account and try learning Forex/Crypto side by side. This is how you can do multitasking to pocket maximum benefit from Forex/Crypto Trading.
Managed Forex/Crypto account is the perfect option for investors who want to participate in the Forex/Crypto market for high quality profit making. However, investors have to keep in mind that managed Forex/Crypto account services provider companies may charge them high rates of commissions. Normally, high quality service provider companies charge 15% to 40% or even more of your profits. In addition to that, some companies also charge for providing additional manager and brokerage services to their customers. On the other hand, investor may opt for trading on their own if they have lack of sufficient funds. However, then they have to create and revise viable strategy for their investments. In addition, this option also saves high rate of commissions and management fees of managed Forex/Crypto accounts.

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